Conversion Kits and Parts: Dealers Only (Program)

  • New Dealers: If you would like to become a dealer, please send an e-mail to

    Welcome to our Alcohol Fuel "Mutineer" (Dealer) Program -- COMING SOON!

    We are stirring up a nationwide (and even worldwide) cadre of Alcohol Fuel Mutineers—conversion kit dealers who are helping make a real fuel alternative available to the masses, TODAY. If you have the technical know-how and a vision of a future powered by clean-burning "liquid solar energy," we hope you will join us!


    Mutineers Enjoy the Following Benefits:

    • Substantial discount on conversion kits, circuit boards, and harnesses.
    • No sales tax.
    • Introductory special--No minimum order after your first purchase of $999 or more.
      (After introductory period, first order requirement will be $1,500.)
    • Free shipping/handling on all orders over $700.
    • 40% discount any time you purchase our Alcohol Can Be a Gas! books or DVDs.
    • A listing on our online map of national dealers, to be posted later in 2009.


     Program Details: (coming soon)

    • Requirements (what we ask of you)
    • Support (what you can expect from us)
    • Warranty (our policy on returns, exchanges, etc.)

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