Advisory Board

The Advisory Board to the International Institute for Ecological Agriculture helps us develop programs to meet the growing needs of our students and our planet.

Daniel Claudio Martinez Carrera, Ph.D.
President Institute of Applied Neotropical Mycology
Editor, International Applied Mycology Magazine
Professor of Mycology, University of Mexico, Puebla Campus

William (Bill) C. Holmberg
Lt.Col. USMC (Ret.)
Chair, New Uses Council
Pushing Frontiers of the Biobased Economy

Héctor Sáez, Ph.D.
Environmental Program and Community Development and Applied Economics
University of Vermont

Jeannette Diaz-Veizades, Ph.D.
Co-Director, Harvest for Haiti
Executive Faculty, Saybrook Graduate School

Gar Smith
Editor Emeritus, Not Man Apart
Friends of the Earth

Ernest Callenbach
Author—Ecotopia & Ecotopia Emerging
Editor Emeritus, University of California Press

Bob Theis A.I.A.
Architect/ Permaculture Designer

Joe Jordan Ph.D.
NASA Ames Research Center

Noah Owusu-Takyi Ph.D.
Insitute of Tropical Agriculture-Ghana

Larry Korn
Author— One Straw Revolution

David Sutton Ph.D.
Ecological Biologist
President-The Antaeus Organization

Ryan Sarnataro
Treasurer, Interim Executive Director
Ecologicial Farming Association

Felipe Montoya-Greenheck Ph.D.
Founder/Director —MILPA Foundation-Costa Rica

Daniel Robin
President Integrated Investments Intl.




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